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Shellac nail polish – How to Remove it – Step by Step





Shellac nail polish is a  combination of nail polish and gel, the super shiny, hard wearing properties of shellac make it a great option

for people who want their manicure to last two weeks (or sometimes even longer!).

If you want to save some money here is the way to take off the gel polish at home .



  • Pure acetone nail polish remover (available from most supermarkets and pharmacies)
  • Cotton balls
  • Ten rectangular pieces of aluminum foil
  • A wooden stick used specifically for nails.
  • Nail filler.



How to remove it:

  • soak a small piece of cotton wool in acetone and place it on your fingernail


  • wrap the fingertip in aluminum foil


  • repeat the process with all of your fingers* (or just one hand if you’re a little clumsy like me!)


  • after ten minutes** remove the aluminum foil – the shellac should have lifted and “bubbled” around the edges


  • Using your wooden stick, gently scrape the shellac off the nail from the base to the tip


  • if a large amount remains, repeat the process again for a further 5 minutes
  • Gently (and I do mean gently) file any remaining shellac off the nail
  • Gently Buff the nail bed so it is nice and smooth
  • Wash your hands and apply your favorite hand moisturizer as acetone can be quite drying
























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