Hello Divas

I have a sink with disposal and always I’m trying

to avoid any smell in my kitchen which is my favorite

place especially when I’m cooking and Baking

Let me tell you what I used to make it smell fresh .

Do this method once a week if you can.

I’m doing it weekly and also if I make fresh lemonade I

used the lemon left over .

When the sink stinks and you have a disposal, make a bunch of ice cubes from white vinegar or any vinegar you have add some salt , some baking soda and small chunks of lemon , and then put one or two down the drain, and run your disposal for couple minutes . It’s an instant deodorizer. Run The hot water for two minutes, and Voila done .If you don’t want to make ice cubes it’s OK just mix them together and put the down the drain .

Note: If you make ice vinegar be careful don’t plop one in your smoothie.

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