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Sunless Tanner – Home Made



Hi Divas.

Grandma Susan Saying this sunless tanner should work if you use it multiple times and some skin is sensitive so try to  skip it and don’t try it .

You can do it only if you use lotion and stuff that you know it’s not going to harm your skin so be careful .

I used all the ingredients that’s perfect for my skin the lotion and the sunscreen and also the cocoa .Try it girl it’s not expensive at all ..

Homemade self-tanning recipe is made from scratch, and uses organic ingredients.

Sure, it is not the top sunless tanner or best self-tanning lotion. It is a great option if you need a quick glow and are short on cash.

This homemade self-tanner can also be used on your face if you use a face-friendly lotion, as cocoa is used in various masks and treatments.

Chocolate Homemade Tanner
Mixing bowl
Lotion any kind
Cocoa powder
Sunscreen any kind
Shimmer powder
Lotion bottle You can find lotion squirt bottles in most drugstores.
To make your own homemade self-tanner/sunless tanner for face and body, simply mix 2 cups of lotion into a mixing bowl.

It’s best to use a white lotion with no scent.Add half a cup of sunscreen to the bowl. For best results, use waterproof sunscreen.I

f desired, add 1 tbsp. of clear body shimmer powder to the mixture. Mix well.Add 1 tbsp of cocoa powder into the mixture at a time.

Continue adding cocoa until you have reached the color you desire. Keep in mind that the lotion itself will be slightly darker

than it will appear on your skin.Test your sunless tanner. Apply a small amount to your stomach, where the color

absorbs the most. If the color is too light for your liking, continue adding cocoa powder. If it’s too dark, mix in more lotion.

Put your final product into a lotion bottle.

The Tanner is ready to use . Spread it evenly over your face and body. When you apply this lotion it does feel rather sticky at first.

The result takes a bit of time, but will leave you with good, even, non, orange color.
You can also try another homemade self-tanner using tea instead of cocoa.
you can’t just do it once and be done you have to do it multiple times

its best to do it over a period of time. so say you have a big date on Saturday start

on like Tuesday night shave your legs and apply it Over night and then on Saturday morning shave

again to get any excess self tanner off that didn’t soak in 🙂 beautiful natural looking glow for your love.

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