Sweet Butter Face Mask …

This mask so powerful for sensitive skin, I been using this mask for two years thanks grandma my skin looks shiny and soft …

one tablespoon unsalted butter
one teaspoon oats
one tablespoon plain yogurt

Butter is an outstanding source of vitamin A. And, since vitamin A helps to revive skin’s texture and accelerate blood flow to collagen fibers found deep within the skin, it’s excellent for eliminating wrinkles and fine lines.


Cut off a tablespoon from a stick of unsalted butter and let it acclimate to room temperature. Once the butter is soft, add in a small amount of rolled porridge oats and a tablespoon of creamy plain yogurt. Mix the ingredients well until they are just smooth enough to apply to your face easily. The combination has a cool and calming effect.

Use it once a week girl and see your face shiny ,smooth and no wrinkles by the way my skin is not sensitive it’s oily but I still use this mask because the butter …my fridge never out of it lol.

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