To get your LOVE attached to you.



Hi Gorgeous Ladies,
Our topic today is very important for any lady .

Do you feel like he’s just not as interested in you as when you first met?
Keep in mind that smile when you see your boyfriend or husband looking at you or toward you..
Always keep in touch with your love and be there for him so he knows that you care and he will care for you in the same way.

Show him that you trust and love him with your actions. Make your actions match what you say.Remember to try to look nice every day.

Men will like women that have good personal hygiene.let him be the one to say “I love you” that way you know you’ve done a good job,

because if you say it first, he might feel pressured to say it back, so it wouldn’t really be sincere.Always tell him to smile.

Tell him “I love you” every once in a while.Try to sort out disputes as quickly as possible to avoid long-term resentment creeping in.

Remember not to make a big deal of little issues.Be there for him when he needs you.Be your natural self. You can’t fake love .

Of course you should be hundred percent sure you love him before saying  “I LOVE YOU ” These words means a lot to a real man so be careful..

Make eye contact from across the room and smile or laugh, then hold the eye contact for a few seconds and quickly turn around while smiling.
If your boyfriend is down in the dumps about something, a warm hug will feel reassuring.

Don’t forget to talk  to him on the phone. Talking is different than  texting.
Even if your boyfriend isn’t the most talkative person in the world,
it’s a good idea to talk a little bit each day. This will help to build a
connection and make him want to continue that intimacy that you
showed  him in the beginning.

Remember, especially when you’re out in public, to be a lady.

A sexy outfit in private is the stuff of his dreams, but no guy wants to share his girlfriend.

Act out a scene from a movie. Take one of his favorite movies, play the part, and make it a little sexy.

He should be laughing and then crying for joy.
Kissing him on the back of the neck or behind the ear is a very intimate kiss.

Get ready to have a moment!
kissing him on his cheek or the back of the hand is a very nurturing kiss.

He’ll be sure to feel warm and looked after.When you ready  kissing him on the mouth is one of the surest ways to communicate your love.

Kiss him gently, look into his eyes, and smile.

I have learned  a lot from this life my experience is
let your boy friend or husband  say to you” I love you “.




2 thoughts on “To get your LOVE attached to you.

  • 2013 at 12:22 am

    Thank you for the advice it’s exactly the motivation I needed.

  • 2013 at 1:53 pm

    Unfortunately a women can do all of that & then some and still have their husband or significant other turn the other way because for whatever selfish reasons they have they still crave attention from “others”. Yet still want their cake and eat it too. Sometimes when the woman turns her head the other way in indifference to what their husbands do, their husband instinctively come back around as its the same old age rule….men always want what they think they cannot have.


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