Turmeric Is A Powerful Spice – Use It Daily and Feel Great


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Hi Divas ,

Today I found out some smoothies that will help us to keep our blood pressure low and with this smoothies we will maintain our health. Turmeric ….It is easy to make turmeric a regular part of a healthy diet. I often add a slice of fresh turmeric root to a cup of green tea along with fresh ginger root and cinnamon stick for a big antioxidant and anti-inflammatory boost. Fresh turmeric root, either grated or finely diced, is a nice addition to stir fried vegetables. Adding some turmeric to cooking brown rice or quinoa add a nice subtle flavor and gives the dish a yellow color. Some turmeric in many marinades and sauces adds the health benefits and is hardly noticeable.

Here are some smoothies that I tried and I love the way how they reduce my blood pressure and cholesterol .
Combine two medium apples,One Half Inch Turmeric Root , three stalks of celery, one cucumber, one half inch of ginger root, one half lemon, one lime, one bunch parsley, and two cups of spinach and juice. I drink this juice every morning, and uses it to control my blood pressure. With this juice, you can start your morning with a burst of nutrients and deliver antioxidants and essential vitamins and minerals to all of your cells.


Combine one medium apple, five medium carrots, one cucumber, one inch ginger root,one inch turmeric root ,. one lemon, one pear, and two handfuls of spinach and juice. All of the ingredients in this juice can help lower your blood pressure and control it. These ingredients contain essential minerals that can keep your blood pressure under control. Plus, this juice is also great for your skin’s health and your immune system.

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