Urban Decay has released its summer 2015 collection


Hi Divas.

Urban Decay has released its summer 2015 collection. were immediately drawn to the eight new shadow shades —

mostly because they were so mesmerizing we couldn’t look away. Six of them are the brand’s so-called shifty shadows —

duo-chrome shimmers that turn your lids into works of art.There are six new shades, bringing the duochromes to 12 in all,

and a couple of new matte neutrals There are 8 new shadows for Summer 2015, 2 of which have been seen before

(Lounge, the green duo chrome was part of the old eyeshadow collection. A lot of these shades have a dual shift in them,

so they’re really pretty! Riff is a warm brown matte. This is the only truly matte shade of the bunch, and though it is matte,

I noticed it has a slight satin finish to it. This isn’t enough to really see it when using it on the eyes, but is really

there to make it easy to work with, blend nicely and have an even texture.which means these have awesome

texture and color payoff. There is a good amount of dual-toned eye shadows here, too, which is always a favorite for me!






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