To remove the belly and hip cellulite ,the secret is coffee:


2 tablespoon Ginger.

2 teaspoon ground Cloves.

2 tablespoon oil Cloves.

5 tbsp Grounded Coffee …….I used Colombia beans .

1 Glycerin Soap grated. I used Dove cream bar. You should Use the whole bar.

5 tablespoons hot water.

Put ginger and cloves in a saucepan over low heat.

Add the coffee, then add hot water and mix them well.

Add soap to the mixture and mix well  until it melts.

Once the mixture is  ready looks like dough , put it in a small plastic container and cover it with foil.

Now put it in the   freezer until frozen,almost the  whole day, then take it out the freezer and put

it near the window to get harder from the fresh air ,almost 5 hours ,you will notice that it becomes a

bar soap again .

Now you have soap ready to use ,ladies try it it works for me and should work for you too.


Use it on the areas that you want to reduce the fat in it.

Massage it in circular  motion in your belly area or hips  ,

and you’ll notice the difference within two weeks after  regular use.

I used it every time I take a shower …almost daily and I noticed my belly getting smaller ..

WOW  it’s powerful and I will keep doing it .

Grandma Susan…. Thanks for this soap recipe that contain natural ingredients.

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