Cracked Lips Mask

In most cases, chapped lips are caused by lack of moisture which is very common in winters ,
they can occur in summer too.Chapped lips are characterized by sore,
reddish and cracked lips that can be extremely painful to the touch. In certain cases,
the condition can also be caused by factors like heat, dry air, certain allergies
and frequent wetting of the lips.
Chapped lips can be easily treated at home with the help of these cures.
Note that if the lips fail to heal even after following these remedies,
you may need to check with your doctor.

Exfoliate your Lips regularly

Naturally dry and flaky lips are more prone to chapping.
In order to avoid this, opt for exfoliate your lips at the most once every week.
This would effectively remove any dead skin cells that can accumulate on the
surface of the lips and cause chapping.
Homemade scrubs a mixture of:

honey, sugar and olive oil that would be gentle on the skin.
Using a toothbrush, gently apply the scrub on the lips and brush slowly the lips in circular motions for 1-2 minutes.
Wash with warm water repeat daily.

Apply a Lip Balm regularly

Lack of moisture is the main cause for chapped lips. Applying a lip balm on the lips can
keep them hydrated for longer intervals and prevent them from chapping in addition to offering
relief from the pain and discomfort experienced due to existing cracks.

Use a good quality lip balm, preferably one with SPF. You can also dab some
petroleum jelly on the lips at regular intervals throughout the day,
including at night before you go to bed.

Stop Licking your Lips

Some people tend to lick their lips at frequent intervals thinking
that it would keep their lips hydrated. On the contrary,
the practice would cause the lips to dry up quicker,
thereby causing them to peel and crack. So avoid doing this
and dab some butter or ghee on your lips instead.
Keep reapplying the butter/ghee at regular intervals
to keep the lips hydrated and crack free.

Apply Honey on your Lips

Honey has potent antibacterial properties that can drive
out bacteria or other harmful organisms that may be the reason
behind your chapped lips.
Honey can also smoother the lips and provide relief from the symptoms of chapped lips.

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