Cracked skin balm


Hi Divas,

If You Have Cracked Skin Try This …

Cracked skin balm:


Mix 2Tbs  Coconut Oil,  2 tsp Lanolin,  1 drop Tea Tree Oil,  3 drops Lavender Oil.
Mix well. Wash feet and exfoliate with sugar scrub (1/2 cup sugar mixed with enough Olive oil to make a paste).

Rinse and pat dry. Apply the Coconut/Lanolin balm and put on clean 100% cotton socks and sleep in them.

Repeat nightly until feet are healed and soft, then 2-3 times a week to maintain.
If you are allergic to wool substitute Shea nut or Cocoa nut butter fir the lanolin…

not quite as effective and might take longer to get the best results….lanolin is the best for dry or cracked skin!

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