Dishwasher Tablet So easy to make


 Cleaning Power  for your dishes

If you have a dishwasher you know how expensive those little cleaning tablets can be

. Why not make your own using some common household products and the ever so handy ice cube tray?

All you need is:

Ice cube tray

One cup baking soda,

One cup borax,

One cup white vinegar,

Three teaspoon of salt and some essential oil for a nice scent.

Mix ingredients together and push hard into tray to form tablets.

Make sure to use an ice tray with a cube size that will fit into your dishwasher’s slot.

Leave trays filled with cleaner in a warm dry place for 24-48 hours to harden.

Then pop out and use when you run a load of dishes.

Add more vinegar as a rinse aid to get rid of any water spots.

Your kitchen wares will shine brighter than Martha Stewart’s with this clever homemade recipe.



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