Hamilton scotts Luxury Apartments is a Dream


I think we should have this in NewYork City!!!!!!!!! Only for big shots …because it cost arm and leg ….!!!!

Located on Scotts Road between Carinhill Road and Clemencau Avenue North in Singapore’s scenic and vibrant Orchard neighborhood,

the 30-story Hamilton Scotts boasts 54 luxurious apartments and two palatial penthouses, as well as ground floor features shared by

all residents such as a pool, hot tub and a gym. The three-bedroom, three-bathroom apartments measure roughly 1,300 square feet

each and feature all the amenities you’d expect (large balcony, access via stairs or private elevator, and superb views of the

South Asian city-state), and one that you might not. Each apartment has its own “en-suite sky garage” with room for two vehicles.

Cars get between the ground and the floor on which their owners reside via one of two elevators.

Each residence has two en-suite parking spaces, according to the property developer.

Residents drive their cars onto a turntable, get out (No residents riding the car elevators,.),

and press their finger against a biometric sensor that reads their fingerprint to determine where

the vehicle is supposed to go. The elevator system then picks up the platform on which the car is parked,

draws it into the elevator shaft, takes it up to the right floor, and pushes the platform/car combination

onto the appropriate “car porch.” When all is said and done, you can sit in your living room  and look through a big picture window at your

luxury car.Isn’t that amazing.??


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