How to avoid cosmetic allergies


What can be done to avoid these allergies?

  1. Use testers every time you buy new cosmetics. They will give you an idea of which product is OK and which you have to shun.
  2. Do not use cosmetics with a strong aroma. Perfume is among the potential allergens too.
  3. Cosmetic products whose expiration date is far in the future are also a risk for your skin. They contain preservatives, which are very good at keeping the product fresh for longer, but unfortunately are also good at triggering allergic reactions.
  4. Choose tested and approved products and stick to the same brand.
  5. It is preferable that all products you use (tonics, lotions, masks) are from the same line. This will protect you from exposure to a “cocktail” of different preservatives used in different products.
  6. Don’t overstock. All cosmetics deteriorate in time and can become hazardous to the skin.
  7. Don’t forget or be too lazy to remove your makeup each evening. Foundation and face powder clog the pores and do not allow the skin to breathe properly. When you are too exhausted to make it to the bathroom, use hypoallergenic wet wipes.
  8. Do not disrupt the texture of the product. For example, do not add water or alcohol to mascara. This way you can trigger an allergic reaction.
  9. Carefully read the instructions of all cosmetics you use. If it says that the mask should be applied for 5 minutes only, do not keep it longer than that.
  10.  Do not experiment with new cosmetics when you are ill or your body’s immune system is weakened. The skin is more susceptible to allergens then.
  11.  Carefully monitor your cosmetics. A change in color or texture means that the product should not be used any longer.
  12.  Do not go overboard on homemade cosmetics. Although fruit and vegetable masks are very beneficial, keep in mind that some of them can cause food allergies.

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