How to dress well in 6 steps

How to dress well in 6 steps

These will show you how to dress well and look great at any age…

  1. Great grooming — this includes good personal hygiene, looking after and maintaining your clothes, makeup and hair.

Make sure your hair is in good condition by having it trimmed every 6 to 8 weeks and using good quality shampoos and conditioners. A contemporary hairstyle is one of the keys to looking good at any age. And if you’re going grey, having your hair professionally colored is an easy way to look younger. It also helps to have an understanding of your face shape and the styles that will suit your face. Typically when you’re over 40 you will look better with hair that is shoulder length or above, kept off the face, in a style that has some layering to give your hair lift and movement. A good hair cut is like an instant face lift! Makeup fashions change as much as clothing fashions and a change in this area is also a great way to keep looking contemporary.

  • Understanding and wearing colors that flatter you.
  • Having a realistic understanding of your body shape, proportions and figure challenges and dressing to flatter your current shape.
  • Reflecting your personal style in the image you project to the world. When you have the 3 fundamentals of style (the 3 points above) mastered developing your style personality should be a fun and ongoing journey.
  • Regularly reviewing and planning your wardrobe to ensure you have the basics and extras to put together outfits to wear for all the occasions of your life.
  • Shopping to your plan to update your wardrobe. When you stop impulse buying and last minute, panic buying for special occasions you’ll find you’ll make fewer mistakes and get better value out of your purchases.
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