I’m sure you are just like me and my friends. I’m 5’’08 and most of my girls

are 5’10 or so, my BFF is about 6feet tall and we all can never find Jeans

that are LONG ENOUGH for us to wear them with lovely heels or boots.

finally, The Jean Angel has answered our prayers!

You could find amazing jeans, made for women in our height requirement.

they  rock ! With awesome

designs and lovely fit! They make them long enough so I can still use them with heels and

I LOVE the way they drape when I am in flats!

So  makes a double whammy, its a win win situation, they make these long for us

6 footers women that have curves or need that extra lift.. let me tell you, I have been working out but no one noticed

till I put these jeans on.. even my hubby said bebe you looking mighty fine.. I have not seen these

Tight curves in years as he reached out and held my hand when he noticed some by standards where

checking me out when we where in the mall. My niece also wears them but she is only 5’2 yes she gets them

taken in and uses heels or boots she loves the way they hug lift and them curves.. I do not believe

in the wonder pill or one size fits all but let me tell you all 6 of us in this family and friends now are true

believers in this buy one and your hooked for life. The funny thing is we are not built the

same way nor the same height and not even the same size but the way these jeans are cut it makes them the

perfect lift and fit. The front rise on the smaller size are low and goes higher as the size gets bigger.

Trust me, you can not go wrong. I am sure you will love them. At least no one says where is the flood!

no high waters!! here just a perfect pair of jeans.

521954_559541137444779_1091620723_n 1173670_628740493827535_143017513_n 999243_533159816749578_972010988_n 999442_701352869878154_601472457_n 1000944_522806507789798_405871014_n 1148806_565424303523129_1899945790_n (1) 7855_565456733519886_1828584540_n 577353_418510848214476_1782627426_n 602423_565437393521820_53756004_n (1) 943483_603688249671760_1015547688_n 944714_603687643005154_260721438_n 993987_565435956855297_2139434311_n (1) 999758_565427690189457_49012979_n (1) 1170905_565822866816606_1716956346_n 1175040_10151637961367991_248427371_n 1184907_565821603483399_1638874665_n






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