Vionnet couture spring/summer 2014



2014 collection started with a cute minimalistic floor length dress, made of multilayer cream organza,

and adorned with a very spectacular and glowy shade. A folded V-neck and a deep side split for the white chic dress.

Similar fabrics, yet different design and length have been applied to the next dress,

where the color palette was submitted to the domination of pale blue shades.As the one-shoulder shapes are introduced, the sunny yellow tone takes our breaths away.

It looks like a handful of sunshine immediately reminding us of the season the garment is created for.

“What does demi-couture mean?” asked Hussein Chalayan,  backstage after his first demi-couture show for Vionnet.

“It means the number of fittings is reduced. Instead of ten, you have one. It isn’t a reflection of the value of the garment”.

Ultra-feminine looks will never get out of fashion, no matter how far the interpretations aimed at creating them may reach.

The umber-flabbergasting Vionnet Couture spring/summer 2014 collection is one of the most recent and powerful says proving that.

Hussein Chalayan did even more than what was possible in order to come up with the top successful and femininely elegant garments,

preserving the classy outlines and the delicate shapes typical to Vionnet. From pure and minimalistic chic to more extended,

sophisticated and luxurious options, the line features a generous number of variants you may experiment with.









Vionnet, Couture, Spring Summer, 2014, Paris


















Vionnet HC RS14 0234


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