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Turmeric Is A Powerful Spice – Use It Daily and Feel Great

                                                                                  Credit- juicingforhealth Hi Divas , Today I found out some smoothies that will help us to keep our blood pressure low and with this smoothies we will maintain our health. Turmeric ….It

Three Detox Water That Will Help You Loose Body Fat

    Hi Divas While searching for detox water I found these three  recipes and  I did try them myself , it was good and I feel the difference too. Detox waters should be

Dark Spot Here is the solution – give it a try

Hi Divas, Summer is gone and left us with tired skin and some black spot , thank god is not that much but still I want to get rid of what I got, few

Cucumber – To Reduce Belly Fat – In A Short Period Of Time

  Hi Divas , Belly fat for me  is a nightmare ,  but thanks to grandam Susan Most of you have already fought with belly fat and you know how hard it is to

Long Eyelashes …Really works…

Hi Divas This really works I did try it and it was amazing but be careful if you have any allergy skip it . Ingredients: Three teaspoons of olive oil. Three teaspoons of honey.

Coconut Water Has A Magical Effect

                                                                                                          Credit:belfastvibe Hi Divas We heard about coconut oil today we have an article about coconut water not milk, Not to be confused with high-fat coconut milk or oil, coconut water is a clear

To lighten up dark knees and elbows.

1 tablespoon ground ginger. 1 lemon and half juice. 1 teaspoon salt. Mix all ingredients together,  mask past should be as thick as stirred yogurt, and you can add more lemon juice if its
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