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Peach is women’s fashion color for spring / summer of 2015

  Hi Divas, Peach is women’s fashion color for spring / summer of 2015, gives women bright views pronounce kindness and femininity. German fashion expert Sonia Grau said that peach flirts with dark skin

Onions Planted In A bottle

                                                                                            Photo Credit : Diygarden Hi Divas, Onion when I said it I always  think about the smell, but we still love it. Never mind the tears onions bring on—they are an ace ally

Mix And Match Instyle Fashion One Outfits

    Hello my Dear visitors , You always send us messages where you can purchase these lovely outfits !! Today we will let you know where to buy them or just to know

Being overweight

     Hi Divas, Being overweight is a struggle for many women, especially when it comes to fashion and clothing. Designers always focus on skinny styles, dresses and let’s not talk about the runways

Pink Zebra Cake

1 petty white cake batter 2 Tablespoons Unsweetened Cocoa Powder Black food coloring gel Pink food coloring gel Directions 1. Divide your batter into 3 separate bowls. Leave one uncolored. In the second bowl

So Cute Prince George and Princess Charlotte

Royal family releases new photos of Prince George and Princess Charlotte The little prince who could one day be king is taking on a bigger role right now, learning to be a big brother,

Wow So Lovely DUCKS Get Their Own Lane!

                                                                Credit: canalrivertrust.org.uk Hi Divas, I was amazed with this new lane for Ducks. As you know we have  lanes for Buses  and Bikes but for Ducks this was weird ,But when I saw
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