Look What Happened When I Put Banana On My Hair

 Summer means Sea and pools and all this harm our hair that’s why
I search for some mask to let my hair stay healthy and get longer fast
I found this method which I tried and it was amazing leaving the hair smooth and shine ;
All we need is :


One Egg yolk
½ banana
½ glass of beer
1 tbsp. of  honey
How to :
put all the ingredients in a blender and mix them well to form a compound mixture.

You’ll get a creamy texture.

How to use it:

apply this mixture on the hair and the scalp,
paying attention to the most affected areas. After that,
put a paper film over the mixture to keep it warm.
The mixture will enter deeply into the skin.
Let it stay for 1-2 hours and then wash your hair as usually.
Apply the treatment once a week for optimal results.

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