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Nail Polish From Eye Shadow





Hi Divas,

I went to Grandma Susan’s house to spend the weekend and what I forgot to take with me is A nail polish

So Grandma Susan got me her secret by creating your own nail polish  with eye shadow.. I was Surprised !!! Always there is a solution …

So….She Got me clear nail polish and said…

  1. 1 eye shadow any kind  (mineral is preferred because of its finer pigment texture)
  2. 1 clear nail polish
  3. 1 small mixing bowl (a disposable paper cup works too)



Start by gently tapping a loose eye shadow into a small bowl. If you are using a solid shadow, scrape it out of the palette using a kitchen knife.

Because you want your polish to apply smoothly without bumps, use your knife to smash any larger pigment bits into dust.

You should have about a spoonful of powder, which will be enough for all 10 digits.

For an exact measurement, tap eye shadow into a spoon before dumping it into the bowl.

Use the brush on your clear nail polish (we opted for a base and topcoat combo)

to add 25 to 30 drops to the bowl with the eye shadow. If you are feeling more confident, pour drops directly from the bottle.

Remove the cotton from one end of a Q-tip and use the stick to stir eye shadow and nail polish together until they blend into a colored liquid form.

You should be able to tell if your polish is too thick or too thin and adjust accordingly by adding more powder or more clear polish to the mix.

Be sure to blend well. The smoother the formula, the better it will apply to your nails.

Because the blend is exposed to air, it will dry quickly, so begin to paint your nails right away.

Use the brush from your clear nail polish to apply. Don’t worry—you can soak the brush in nail polish remover

later to remove the polish (it will be as good as new!). Apply a clear topcoat to your manicure when it’s done .

Voilà !

Custom holographic nail color.

Thank you Grandma Susan…



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