Outfits Mix and Match ………..Nice combo


Hello  my lovely followers,

All these outfits been created by  Polyvore.com . It’s a combination of pants and shirts with simple coats .Pants been always in the first level of outfits for all ages .

You can match your pant to any shirt and create a nice combination with shoes ,bag and accessories.


   The first combo :


Pink pants combo , a simple coat  and a white   shirt with  pink flowers ,

narrow-cut jeans with pink font that creat a great model. Pink boots and

accessories  completed  this combo .


  beyaz-bluz-pembe-pantolon-kombin-modeli pembe-siyah-pantolon-kombin-modeli




The powder color pants and jacket with the  black chiffon blouse make a fancy combination . Stylish accessories can easily   complete the combo

The new combo  is black pants  with cream blouse and accessories classic and very  elegant.



  This combo you will see the nice purple with black ,it’s a fancy combo for some of us.

1175749_572842976114595_936659262_n 1184907_565821603483399_1638874665_n 1184929_568225366576356_1510419526_n 5302_568659276532965_1059563548_n 551150_579461328786093_866478562_n 582028_571906896208203_260968444_n 599338_581919271873632_1227840707_n 734066_578979762167583_1957794217_n 972207_568361133229446_974265010_n 993710_580322798699946_1309681546_n 995992_565846386814254_1094002818_n 1002840_553357548063138_170658777_n 1003975_534219516643608_1696473394_n 1004564_534403179958575_1949907805_n 1005257_543019995763560_51342837_n 1009904_557428544322705_1342560314_n 1012447_556924901039736_1309957433_n 1098499_569507453114814_349312098_n 1146584_568243873241172_1710118155_n 1150802_568338009898425_572577263_n 1150849_569088266490066_679329392_n 1170721_569493856449507_1137093655_n 1170908_573910072674552_1697519404_n 1170935_564824720249754_1278542848_n


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