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Ralph Lauren spring/summer 2015 collection




Hi Divas,

This Ralph Loren collection is amazing and you can wear it every day to the club or date or even office some of them

are gorgeous especially the silky purple one shoulder top ,

The beginning of the show also carried traces of spring-ready brightness with purple parts, bright yellow,

fuchsia and orange combined with drawings of khaki protagonist. There are lots of ankle military-style pants

in the collection, which still contains some vibes of femininity with iconic shapes.







ralph-lauren-close-ups-fashion-show-spring-2015-the-impression-featured-1050x580 - Copy



ralph-lauren-spring2015 - Copy



Ralph-Lauren-Spring-2015 - Copy



ralph-lauren-spring-2015-ready-to-wear-14 - Copy



ralph-lauren-spring-2015-ready-to-wear-22 - Copy



redrtgdfgdfg - Copy



rertrfgtrtgrt - Copy



reyere - Copy



rs_1024x759-140911105833-1024.ralph-nyfw.l.s91114_copy - Copy

“My wife spring 2015 collection is an exotic kind of luxury, the spirit of a romantic safari emboldened by

bright colors played against the legacy of persimmons pure in modern and elegant forms.

It is a personal style that is sophisticated and timeless, the designer said before her show, and you hardly find a better definition for this pure elegance!


rtrtrt - Copy



rtywerer - Copy



rwerwerwerwer - Copy


ryewry565 - Copy



ser5444 - Copy




tumblr_nbyvvrrYh21qf6ateo3_1280 - Copy


w3eqw23 - Copy - Copy


y76655 - Copy


1-jumbo - Copy


2w1q - Copy


2w35245454 - Copy


3erttyyyy - Copy


3rtyuiii - Copy


4rteeee - Copy


23erwe - Copy


23fsdgd - Copy


45rrrrr - Copy


45trrr - Copy


67hrg - Copy


78i9urury - Copy


87uy - Copy



453ere - Copy


785yuty - Copy



4564yrty - Copy 7890 - Copy 445345w24545 - Copy







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