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We all love Jeans especially teens age ,they feel comfortable when wearing jeans but usually they

Jeans have come a long way from the utilitarian based clothing for western men when they dealt with cattle to the best thing that happened in fashion. Since women have started wearing jeans it has become a fashion statement.

It does not matter what your age, your size or your style, you can wear a pair of jeans and rock the total look. Depending on what you wear with it and the accessories that you add

You can wear Jeans to any occasion.
Skinny women can wear looser jeans with big pockets to add the impression that they have curves.
Women with long legs can really make a pair of skinny jeans looks like a total fashion statement by pairing it with a simple T- shirt
Women who are curvy can also work with a pair of jeans to appear taller and slimmer.
You can turn a pair of jeans to party wear by simply jazzing it up with a dressy top, jewelry, accessories and great makeup
Jeans can be the quintessential work wear by wearing it with a simple shirt or sweatshirt.
You can even wear jeans to a smart casual event with a smart jacket and good shoes
Jeans make the best outfit for a date, a casual outing or just chilling out. All you need to find the style of jeans that goes with your body type
The right pair of jeans can shows the beauty of your body
A woman in the right pair of jeans can make a simple fashion statement.Jeans come in different colors here are some ideas how to wear jeans.

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