Aspirin Mask for removing Acne Scars

Aspirin Mask it’s a Magic for removing acne scars.
Most girls suffer from acne scars and dark spots so Grandma will offer you an effective mask to remove dark spots and acne scars.If you allergic to aspirin don’t use this mask.

3-6 aspirin

1 lemon squeezed

2 tablespoon Baking soda

one spoon Warm honey

Moisturizer for the skin component of olive oil or coconut oil…if your skin is dry don’t use but add more lemon juice


1 –  crush aspirin  until become powder

2 – Add to it the lemon juice

3 – Add the warm honey to the mixture

4 -Add olive oil or coconut oil …one teaspoon

5 – Spread it on your face especially the scars or dark spots until it  dries

6 – Remove it with Wet towel with backing soda…wet the towel and put the baking soda on it and     remove  the mask.

7 – After five minutes  Wash your face with warm water to look bright and clean and more freshness.
    Use it twice a week for best results.



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