Buns Home Made

Home made Buns

A. 6 spoons milk
     2 spoons water
     2 spoons all purpose flour

B. 1/2 cup warm milk whole
      1 table spoon instant yeast
      1 table spoon sugar

C. 1 table spoon baking powder
     3 cups all purpose flour
      1 table spoon sea salt
      2. Large eggs
      3 tablespoons unsalted butter
          Room temperature     

You will need small egg and a spoon of milk with a brush in the end

How to :
We take A ingredients and put them inside a sauce pan on the stove and heat them up until it become a dough
Cool it down

Step two
We take the ingredients in B heated milk and dissolve in it the yeast and the sugar put aside for five minutes

Step 3
We take ingredients C put them in the mixer and mix the flour with the salt
Then add the yeast and then add the eggs on slow motion add the dough from ingredients A and keep mixing
Then add the butter keep mixing for 8
Minutes stop and cover it let it rise for an hour .
After an hour take the dough and make circles or small balls and let them rise for half hour
Take one egg mix it with some
Milk brush the buns
And put sesame if you like
Bake for 16-20 minutes on 375 degree’

Note < You can make it with whole milk or low percentage milk and also flour whole wheat is ok if you don’t have milk use powdered or any kind of milk

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